website design

from your kitchen table to the digital world…

We work with artists & makers, growers & practitioners, in hospitality & with charities … with creative people who are passionate about what they do, juggling many roles. Adding the demands of the digital world to the mix can be daunting, so we promise to make the process straightforward.

website design

We build in WordPress to ensure you can look after the site yourself, or if you prefer, we’ll manage it all for you.

Building a website is time consuming and can be complicated. We won’t bombard you with techno-babble, we’ll simply get on and make sure your site fulfills its purpose and reflects your creativity in the best way possible, within your budget.

website design

There is a web of digital tasks to consider, we’ll map them out for you and help you decide what you need and what is not necessary right now.

how it works…

  • Let’s have a chat over a cup of tea & maybe some cake.
  • We’ll find out what you do & what you need.
  • Now for some design ideas & an action plan.
  • You’ll receive access to a draft website for creative input.
  • We’ll all agree a future-proofing plan before going ‘live’.
  • We will ensure essential SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is done.

We’ve made it ‘easy peasy’; but if you want to build your own digital presence, take a look at what it involves, feel free to use what we’ve created as a checklist, we’re happy to help …