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The digital world is fraught with technobabble, you may be fluent in this language, but it might be mystifying.  The easiest way to comprehend the services you need to get your digital presence up and running is to use an analogy … we like to use a ‘car service model’. Like a car your website is yours and we will hand it over to you if you would like to look after it yourself.


design & build

We work with you to design a new website and then we build it using various digital components – so we are customising your new car according to your specification.

Description Cost
4 Page Website£500
8 Page Website, eCommerce enabled£1,500
Complex Website with Dynamic Movement, Video EnabledPOA



We provide a place in the ‘cloud’ (we know, the technobabble crept in) for your website and your email to reside in –  we choose a garage for your car to be kept in and roads for it to drive on. Of course you can provide the hosting yourself. Costs are monthly.

Description Cost
Do it Yourself – research & pay provider directlyvaries
Hosting – Low Traffic and Simple Site£5
Hosting – Medium Traffic or eCommerce enabled£15
Hosting – High Traffic and/or Highly Responsive£50+


We keep your website security up to date and help with small problems that occur in the shifting world of the internet – so we perform routine inspections and oil changes for your car. Costs are monthly.

Description Cost
Maintenance – Simple Site£5
Maintenance – Medium Site£10
Maintenance – Complex Site£50+


We perform routine tasks to keep your website current and efficient; and manage any larger problems for you – we manage your car on a service plan and fix larger problems covered by extended warranty. Costs are monthly.

Description Cost
Curation – Simple Site£10
Curation – Medium Site£20
Curation – Complex Site£500+


All costs are Price on Application (POA) because everyone’s exact requirements for these services will be different.


We replace components of your website should they fail – we replace ageing or broken parts in your car with more up-to-date parts.


We replace your website with another when it is no longer current – we help you find a new model of car that is more fitting to your needs. This would typically require a new build and design.


We move your website to new host locations – we transport your car to a new garage and plan new roads for it to drive on.


We make any changes to your website you want, whenever you want – we are the mechanic who will make repairs or modifications to your car whenever you want.


We help you develop your product branding.

social media & marketing

We help you with your social media content and your product marketing.